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The extinguisher is a perfect product to act quickly and effectively against fires. The important thing is to make an appropriate choice for each environment since each one has different specifications(dust, Co2 ...). Our technical service will indicate which is the best option for your needs.

We have a wide variety of fire extinguishers, which are fully homologated and guaranteed. In addition to its sale, in our company we take care of its maintenance.


It is an effective system for fire protection, since by its ease of handling, it can be used directly by the affected users in the initial phase of a fire or fire.

Facilities and Maintenance E.G includes all elements necessary for this system, which must be accessible and well located due to the transit of people.


They are teams that automatically detect any change in the environment related to the start of a fire, allowing to take measures to act on the extinction system and minimize the consequences.

In facilities and maintenance E.G we have all kinds of detection equipment and fire alarm for your protection.


These detection systems are designed for fixed and programmable installations that are used especially in the ventilation of car parks.

The detection of carbon monoxide is based on detectors capable of measuring the concentration of smoke and transmitting a signal to a power station. The basic purpose of a CO detection system lies in ensuring minimum conditions of air health in terms of carbon monoxide (CO).


The automatic fire extinguishing system, has been designed to be coupled as a system autonomous of the industrial extractor hoods. The objective is to eliminate the consequences of a possible fire outage.

Our technicians will be in charge of adapting an automatic system to your extractor hood, which will act as a rapid and effective extinguishing system, to prevent the spread of possible fires.


It is a lighting system designed to provide the necessary and essential lighting for the evacuation of a certain place safely in the case of a failure in the supply system electric.

The emergency lighting is a lighting-technical project, which is among the elements to ensure the safety of people in environments, in case of situations of danger.


They provide the necessary flow and pressure to meet the needs of the risk to be protected hydraulically or facilities that must operate simultaneously with the risk, that is, they are responsible for boost the water contained in the tanks towards the fire protection installations.


It refers to materials, systems or techniques designed to prevent the spread of fire as well as prevent or delay it. The passive fire protection does not carry mobile elements, nor is it connected to any type of installation, it is independent and has no risk of malfunctioning and has minimal maintenance


A quick and orderly evacuation of affected places is essential in case of fire. HE recommends having an emergency plan, which includes both evacuation routes and active fire protection elements.

The approved photoluminescent posters must be placed in visible areas, which can be seen even if the electrical system of the installation fails.

Consult us to comply with a signage appropriate to your needs!


The potential risk of fire in a garage is high. It is essential to make good prevention to reduce the consequences in case of fire. We take care to evaluate and reduce risks to users and facilitate the work to firefighters.

To ensure the quality of the air inside the garage, a forced ventilation system is installed, there being two possible options, by mechanical extraction or by mechanical extraction and extraction, choosing the most favorable depending on the conditions and dimensions of your garage.

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